AFC at the 2023 Dubai Air Show

AFC at the 2023 Dubai Air Show

As we anticipate the upcoming November 2023 Dubai Air Show, our company is poised to showcase cutting-edge technology that promises to streamline and overhaul flight training and simulation. Advanced Flight Controls (AFC) will present their AFC-1 Flight Simulation Platform, featuring advanced D-BOX haptic and motion technology. 

Advanced Flight Controls' AFC-1 Flight Simulation Platform is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of flight training and simulation. At its core lies the integration of D-BOX haptic and motion technology, which introduces a new level of technical sophistication and realism into flight simulations.

  1. Realistic Motion Simulation: The D-BOX motion system integrated into the AFC-1 is a technical marvel. It utilizes precise actuators and algorithms to replicate the physical sensations experienced by pilots during flight. This includes accurately mimicking turbulence, G-forces, and subtle vibrations. This level of realism is invaluable for pilot training, enabling them to encounter and respond to a wide array of in-flight scenarios within a controlled environment. This is also an invaluable training tool as it helps build muscle memory and sharpen reflexes in the safe context of a challenging training scenario, allowing pilots to be better prepared for all types of situation as they fly their aircraft.

  2. Immersive Haptic Feedback: The AFC-1 incorporates D-BOX haptic feedback technology, creating a tactile connection between the pilot and the aircraft controls. Through carefully crafted motion code, this system provides realistic haptic feedback, allowing pilots to feel the control inputs they make. Whether it's the sensation of manipulating the yoke during takeoff or experiencing the vibrations associated with engine operation, this haptic feedback enhances the fidelity of the simulation.

  3. Customizable Cockpit Configurations: Recognizing the diversity of cockpit layouts and controls across different aircraft, the AFC-1 is engineered for adaptability and adjustability. Its technical architecture enables effortless customization of cockpit configurations. This versatility ensures that pilots can train on aircraft-specific setups, making the AFC-1 platform a valuable tool for a broad range of aviation applications, from civilian to military.

Advanced Flight Controls' AFC-1 Flight Simulation Platform, featuring D-BOX haptic and motion technology, represents a pinnacle of technical innovation in flight training and simulation. Its ability to provide an ultra-realistic training environment, adapt to diverse cockpit configurations, and enhance pilot preparedness makes it a game-changer in the aviation industry. As we look forward to the November 2023 Dubai Air Show, AFC's participation promises to provide aviation professionals with a deeper understanding of how technical excellence is shaping the future of flight training.

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